Welcome to the official sushiAPI documentation.


To date, there is only one endpoint that only accepts GET requests.

NPM Package

You can download and use the official package available here :

Data available

Here is an exhaustive list of actions (requests) available:
  • all_pairs
  • all_tokens
  • get_pair
  • get_pairs_by_token
  • get_historical_liquidity
  • get_historical_volume
  • get_historical_transactions_count
  • get_xsushi_apy
  • get_xsushi_rewards_by_user
  • get_transactions_by_pair
  • get_transactions_by_user
  • get_bento_info
  • get_bento_transactions_by_address
  • get_bento_transactions_by_token

Supported networks / chainID

  • 1 - Ethereum
  • 137 - Polygon
  • 250 - Fantom
  • 42161 - Arbitrum
  • 1666600000 - Harmony
  • 100 - xDai
  • 56 - Binance Smart Chain

Update time

The information concerning the price as well as the reserves of each pairs come directly from the blockchain and is therefore updated at each new transaction.
Historical data are updated hourly.
If you need real-time data, we highly suggest to use a provider such as Infura and to subscribe to each new events.
This API doesn't intend to be used for real-time data.

API Key & customs queries

Our new API does not require any key at this time. However, if you would like us to set up any custom queries that you would use, you can contact us here : [email protected]
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